Euro Food Service

Dieter Hein Euro Food Service GmbH connects partner companies worldwide through a combined purchasing, sales and logistics service. Through this corporate strategy we secure markets and jobs. High performance, flexibility and creativity without bureaucracy is secured by the independence of the partners. Clear product lines are provided within the full range with a uniform price structure and high quality standards.

Headquarter Hasbergen

A competent partner in the European market and a powerful international network is Dieter Hein Euro Food Service, founded in 1997. The modern service company was established for trade trading in the international area and connects producers of European specialties with the trade. Euro Food Service GmbH specializes in the support and practical implementation of a joint purchasing, sales, administration and logistics service.


The Finnish company Lunden can look back on a varied history. In 1936, the company was founded under the name Jalostaja for the industrial refinement and sale of garden products. Today, Lunden supplies the Scandinavian and international markets with mustard products, microwave soups and stews. Lunden has specialized in sandwich production for shipboard catering.

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Vienna Beef Ltd.

Since 1893, hot dog sausages have been made in Chicago in the USA from the best local beef and according to the original recipe. The founders of Vienna Beef were Austro-Hungarian immigrants. Today, the product range extends from soups to desserts and kosher specialties. The company HEIN holds the exclusive license of the original US specialty Pastrami ``New York`` from Vienna Beef.