The 1930s

Company foundation in Görlitz
HEIN can look back on a long and eventful history. Master butcher Georg Hein laid the foundation for the company with his butcher store in Görlitz in the 1930s. The business flourished. Until the end of the Second World War, the butcher’s shop on Moltkestraße was considered the top address for gourmets..

Dieter Hein - History- The 30s

Store Moltkestraße

The 1960s

Opening store in Hasbergen

His son, Dieter Hein, continued the family tradition and opened a small store in Osnabrück in 1961.

Dieter Hein - History- the 60s

First store in Hasbergen, Berliner Straße

The 1970s

Laying of the foundation stone of EG-Fleischwarenfabrik Dieter Hein in Hasbergen-Gaste

In 1975, today’s meat products factory started operations just outside the gates of Osnabrück, in Hasbergen-Gaste. This marked the beginning of a phase of strong expansion. The company premises were successively extended. The development of the HEIN group of companies began with the establishment of new plants, bases and holdings. This set the decisive course for the international orientation of the company’s activities, especially for the distribution of meat specialities on the European and American markets. Joint ventures were established with international partners such as Vienna Beef (Chicago/USA), Lunden Food (Turku/Finland) and Casa Westfalia (Vulpellac/Spain).

Dieter Hein - History- Factory Hasbergen Gaste 1970

EG-Fleischwarenfabrik Dieter Hein in Hasbergen-Gaste

The 1980s

Way ahead of the times. One of the first companies with a bio-filter system.
The environmental idea: The complete exhaust air is filtered through approx. 20,000 cubic meters of humus layer. Therefore no smell nuisance and clean exhaust air for the environment.

Dieter Hein History - Factory Hasbergen Gaste 1980

Bio-filter system in Hasbergen-Gaste

The 1990s

Since 1996, the EG-Fleischwarenfabrik Dieter Hein has also been producing again in Görlitz, where the company’s success story once began.

Dieter Hein History - Factory Görlitz

Niederschlesische Wurstmanufaktur in Görlitz


Together with his sons, Georg and Claus Hein, Dieter Hein drove the development of the company in Hasbergen-Gaste. Today, the EG-Fleischwarenfabrik, Hasbergen and Görlitz, is managed by Dieter and Georg Hein. Under the motto “More ideas – more taste”, sausage and meat product specialties are produced in a modern company for all of Europe.

Dieter Hein History - Factory Hasbergen Gaste 2000

Claus, Georg und Dieter Hein


Since October 2011, the family business Dieter Hein has been assisted by the new managing director and shareholder Ulrich Rahmann, an experienced expert in the industry. With him, new markets were developed and strategies were worked out, so that the course for the future continues to be set for success. Ulrich Rahmann has joined the EG-Fleischwarenfabrik Dieter Hein as a co-partner with retroactive effect from 01.01.2013.

Dieter Hein History - Factory Hasbergen Gaste 2011

Georg Hein and Ulrich Rahmann, Managing partners


Opening of new factory outlet. Daily fresh sausage and meat specialties – directly from the manufacturer!

Dieter Hein History - Opening factory outlet

Huge selection at low prices on 200 m² sales area!


Extension Görlitz

Reconstruction of the production facilities in Görlitz. Investment in modern raw sausage and raw ham ripening rooms.

Dieter Hein History - Extension Görlitz

The new ripening room in Görlitz

Dieter Hein History - Factory Hasbergen Gaste 2018

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Modernization of the meat factory Dieter Hein

Major rebuild measures in Hasbergen-Gaste:
New slicer facilities, new fast-food road, renewal of combined heat and power plant and bio-filter system, new construction of company cafeteria.

Dieter Hein History - Factory Hasbergen Gaste 2019

Company cafeteria Hasbergen-Gaste